Information Security Management System

Asset Risk Consultants

At Asset Risk Consultants we have our own experienced IT team that undertake all of our regular IT support work.  We use Alternative Solutions when we have a specialist requirement or need to supplement our team during larger projects.  Their depth of knowledge means they can quickly provide… Read more

Virtus Trust

Since Virtus Trust was established in 2005 Alternative Solutions have provided almost all of our IT services.  From the outset Virtus’s strategy has been to focus on its core fiduciary business and outsourced its IT function.  Alternative Solutions have provided highly professional services… Read more

The Storm Group

The Storm Group may be a small company but as we provide services to large organisations we needed a “large company” IT system.  We approached Alternative Solutions about six years ago to build us a system that would provide full functionality at a reasonable price.  We are currently… Read more