Virtus Trust

Tuesday 12th December 2017

Since Virtus Trust was established in 2005 Alternative Solutions have provided almost all of our IT services.  From the outset Virtus’s strategy has been to focus on its core fiduciary business and outsourced its IT function.  Alternative Solutions have provided highly professional services throughout.  They have guided Virtus through the IT maze so that technology has become a vital business tool rather than an overhead.

Nick Moss, Virtus Co-Founder commented: “As well as the core IT function they have helped us look at our business processes and advised on applications that have helped us grow our business while containing our costs.  For instance, they recommended that from inception, when the company was just a few people, we implement a document management program.  The efficiencies in our work practices and the ease of document retrieval resulted in the business growing to nearly 30 people without us having to move offices.  We still have very few drawer filing cabinets in the office.”