Digital Signatures

Why do we need a digital signature? Organisations throughout the world invest millions of pounds each year in automating their operations and business processes. As a result, electronic documentation permeates every aspect of the business workflow. Despite this, a hard copy is printed when a signature authorisation is required on a document, requiring physical routing for signatures. The reintroduction of paper into the workflow increases organisational costs, requires additional time, and prohibits an organisation from realising the true benefits of a fully electronic workflow.

Whether it is adding digital signatures with the click of a mouse or having the ability to sign any document and turn it into a PDF, CoSign provides users with a comprehensive and easy-to-use digital signing solution.  CoSign’s design ensures that anyone can verify the signature and content integrity of a signed document anywhere at any time with a simple click, and it allows multiple signatures to be placed on a document (one after another) while maintaining the documents integrity.

With CoSign you can:

• Sign with the click of the mouse
• Sign any document type
• Turn any document into a signed and sealed PDF
• Ensure external acceptance
• Add graphical signature and reason for signing
• Approve designated areas of documents
• Batch sign documents
Download our CoSign pdf for more information
Download our How to Choose a Digital Signature Solution pdf for more information

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