Citrix® XenDesktop™ is a desktop virtualisation and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution that delivers a complete Windows® desktop experience as an on-demand service to any user, anywhere.

Whether users are task workers, knowledge workers, or mobile workers, XenDesktop quickly and securely delivers individual applications or complete desktops while providing a high-definition user experience.

XenDesktop delivers the power of one.  Instead of juggling lots of static desktop images, XenDesktop enables IT to manage and update the OS and applications one time, from one location.  IT can control data access, manage fewer desktop images, eliminate system conflicts, and reduce application regression testing.  Adding, updating, and removing applications is simple for users with self-service capabilities that enable them to serve themselves.  Users will access applications instantly from anywhere while getting a high-definition user experience.

With Xen Desktop you can:

• Give IT the ability to centrally manage desktop images
• Deliver tailored desktops to each individual user
• Improve security by setting policies that control data

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