Alternative Solutions has been providing solutions based on HP hardware for two decades. This means that not only do we carry a vast array of spare machines and components but our product knowledge is second to none.

HP is the World’s largest manufacturer of servers and it is by far the dominant brand in the Channel Islands.  Over the years our HP only policy has served our clients very well, not only do they manufacture superior products but the support and service available locally fully protects the investment made by our clients.

When advising on which server(s) are required for your organisation we consider the following aspects:

• Existing applications required to run the business
• Existing work and data levels
• Any planned new systems that will be implemented.  As your business grows it is often necessary to implement new systems to manage client relationships, data, etc.
• Any expected adjustments in staff levels
• Physical space available for the server
• Any other equipment that needs to be housed with the server
• Environmental conditions
• The level of data security and redundancy that is appropriate

Information Security Management System