Document Management eDOCS Edition

To be successful in today’s competitive economic environment organisations must be able to effectively manage documents, yet many try to rely on basic network file structures. This causes numerous problems as there is no control over how documents are saved, no real security and no effective way to find documents in the future.

Many organisations do not have the means to access collective information quickly and effectively. According to Gartner, Inc., employees spend between 30 and 40 percent of their time creating, searching for, retrieving, repurposing and organising documents — time wasted.

eDOCS DM provides a robust electronic system to solve these issues where business documents can be stored securely, quickly found, and easily managed, all in a central location to be shared across departments and remote sites.  From Office documents, e-mail, graphics, and forms to discussion threads, engineering drawings, scanned paper and electronic-based records, content is consolidated in a unified enterprise knowledge base for easy access and retrieval.

With eDOCS DM you have:

• Creation of metadata to categorise every document
• Integration with MS Office and other popular applications
• Document level security
• Version control
• Audit trail of actions on a document
• Indexing of document content
• Fast finding and retrieval

Information Security Management System