MailMarshal Email Content Manager

Email security established at the SMTP server helps ensure that only safe, compliant and appropriate messages enter and exit the internal organisation. But what about unsafe, non-compliant and inappropriate email that is already inside the organisation?

MailMarshal Email Content Manager (Formerly MailMarshal Exchange) is an Outlook email filtering solution for Microsoft Exchange Server that helps organisations provide a safe environment for employees; free from harassment and objectionable material.  It also improves productivity levels by managing non-business email content and attachments.  At the same time, this Outlook email filtering solution secures confidential information against accidental or intentional data leakage.  MailMarshal Email Content Manager delivers email content analysis, acceptable use policy enforcement, data leakage prevention and reporting technologies in a single, easy-to-manage solution.  It also integrates with optional modules for anti-virus scanning, anti-spyware and pornographic image detection.

With MailMarshal Email Content Manager you can:

• Monitor and filter emails and attachments
• Protect against malware between mailboxes and servers
• Enforce organisational acceptable use policies
• Provide anti-spam protection
• Control data leakage

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