In a Web world, organisations and employees are increasingly reliant on Internet access for business. In terms of security and data protection, the Web has created an unprecedented risk environment with new threats and vulnerabilities which many organisations are still coming to terms with.

Trustwave WebMarshal is a Secure Web Gateway - a comprehensive solution which addresses the full spectrum of Web-based security threats as well as the many requirements and issues that arise in managing workplace Internet use.  Trustwave WebMarshal is the answer to managing and securing Internet use for any size or type of organisation.

Trustwave WebMarshal software is deployed between your organisation and the Internet where it inspects all incoming and outgoing Web traffic.  It protects your organisation and your users from Internet threats including, malware, viruses, blended attacks and attempted fraud.  Trustwave WebMarshal ensures that workplace Internet use is appropriate and complies with company policies.  Trustwave WebMarshal monitors and controls the flow of information in and out of your organisation, protecting confidential information and intellectual property.

With Trustwave WebMarshal you can:

• Inspect incoming and outgoing Web traffic in real time
• Manage access to websites by category and content
• Block Internet security threats such as viruses, malware blended attacks and social engineering scams
• Control what employees upload
• Provide detailed yet easy to use activity reporting

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