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MailMeter Compliance Review

Financial services organisations must collect and keep e-mail records in an easily searchable database, in a tamper-proof location, and be able to generate random reviews of e-mails to meet their regulatory guidelines. They also need to be able to quickly produce e-mails for audits and special requests.

Email usage, security and communication polices need to be airtight, easily understood and, most of all, enforceable.  Compliance managers and executive management need to know if the organisation’s employees are sending confidential financial, medical or intellectual property information to unauthorised individuals.

MailMeter Compliance Review can help your company meet regulatory requirements by providing a visible control system, process and audit trails to manage financial records.

With MailMeter Compliance Review you can:

• Create faster compliance reviews
• Automatically search for content
• Monitor specific people and domains
• Protect privileged information

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