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MailMeter ISR

Users like to be able to search through there emails to find important business communication. There are two problems with this. The IT department limits the size of your email file and insists that you archive at regular intervals. The search facilities in email are not comprehensive and are particularly difficult with files archived within the email systems.

MailMeter Archive’s optional Individual Search and Retrieval (ISR) interface gives users the ability to search every email that they have ever sent or received. For users, it’s like having the ultimate Inbox and Sent folders with fast, intelligent searching.  Users can search for mail sent to or received from specific addresses, organisations and the narrow by date ranges.

With MailMeter ISR you can:

• Search your entire email history
• Search the content of the email and any attachments
• Use intelligent wildcard, tense, fuzzy and Boolean searches
• Quickly retrieve emails to your desktop

Information Security Management System