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MailMeter Storage Manager

The size of your email database is a continuous problem. Users want to maintain all of their emails so they can get fast access to business information. As an IT Manager you know the size of the database has to be managed or the system will suffer.

MailMeter Storage Manager dramatically reduces the size of your mail server by “stubbing” the largest portion of the email: attachments. You can configure MailMeter Storage Manager to “stub” any attachment so that it will be replaced with a link (“stub”). The user simply clicks on the link to open and view the attachment.

You can control the amount of space saved by adjusting the time settings, or you can create special settings for specific folders, attachment types, or attachment sizes. For example, you could set the stubbing rules at 5 days for Deleted items, 5 days for Sent Items, 30 days for ZIP files not in Deleted or Sent folders, and 1 day for attachments over 5MB in size, and a default of 180 days for all messages that don’t meet the criteria in the other rules.

With MailMeter Storage Manager you:

• Significantly reduce the size of your email server storage
• Dramatically reduce backup times
• Eliminate the need for mailbox quotas
• Eliminate the need for PST files

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