Call Logging and Support Delivery

Helpdesk / Call Logging
We have implemented a sophisticated Helpdesk system which allows our clients to log issues either by email (with automated response) or through a web interface.  Alternatively clients can call us to raise a call on their behalf.  Using the web interface our clients can monitor their calls and escalate them where appropriate.  From a management perspective we can monitor all issues logged in the system and, where necessary, we can escalate them to ensure that we meet or exceed the response times to which we are contracted.

You can choose whether a single person raises support calls, a group of senior people, or any member of staff can log a call. You have the choice between control of all calls and flexibility.

Remote Desktop Support
Remote desktop support has revolutionised the way that we can deliver technical and helpdesk support to our clients.  Many support calls can be solved in this way, without the time and expense of our engineers having to come on site.

Service Levels
These are the standard service levels to which we contract.

The severity of the issues is defined by one of the following codes:

• Severity 1 Critical fault
• Severity 2 Problem needs resolving but not causing loss of productivity
• Severity 3 Non-critical fault

Our response times are, means within the confines of Normal Business hours:

• not more than 2 hour in the case of a Severity 1
• not more than 4 hours in the case of a Severity 2
• not more than 8 hours in the case of a Severity 3

Information Security Management System