ProActive Monitoring

Assured Proactive System Monitoring continually monitors the availability of the system that you have installed in your office.  It proactively warns you and the experienced ASL support team by email or SMS of any impending issues.  You do not need agent software on the servers that we will monitor – our service uses protocols and application layers of the operating system to do the job.

Assured Proactive System Monitoring will provide you with a remote system monitoring and fault resolution service.  This is delivered over a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) from the Network Operations Centre (NOC) of Alternative Solutions Limited.  Assured Proactive System Monitoring will also successfully complement services provided by existing service providers or indeed an existing in-house support team.

Assured Proactive System Monitoring is an outstanding real-time service that will deliver you continually updated information relating to the performance and condition of your computer system.  Furthermore, it will comprehensively monitor and report issues with the following:

• Operating Systems, including Windows, Novell, UNIX and LINUX
• SMTP/POP3 mail servers, including Lotus Notes, MS Exchange and native SMTP/POP3 servers
• Databases including Oracle, MS SQL, MS Access, SyBase, Informix, Paradox and IBM DB2.  In addition, it supports ODBC, ADO and OLE-DB interfaces
• Disk availability and disk space
• Event logs
• Services, processes, memory usage
• Environmental conditions (temperature, humidity and/or water leaks ‘wetness’)
• A wide range of IP protocols, including ICMP Ping, FTP, SNMP v1, SNMP v2c, LDAP, NTP and NNTP
• Web servers using HTTP and HTTPs protocols. Supports NTLM authentication, proxy servers and proxy authentication

Assured Proactive System Monitoring is either available as a stand-alone service or can be purchased with an Alternative Solutions Support Contract.

How do you benefit?
So how will you benefit from Assured Proactive System Monitoring? Well here are a few examples:

• You will receive 24/7 protection and monitoring of your critical systems
• You will experience increased system availability through proactive monitoring as opposed to mere reactive management
• You will be provided with a mechanism that will protect the critical aspects of your business that are reliant on IT.
• You will see your IT related costs reduce by minimising the risk of high recovery costs.
• You will spend less time troubleshooting as Alternative Solutions will help you to pinpoint any problems.
• You will experience reduced downtime through automated corrective actions.

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