Assured Disaster Recovery

Your Business Continuity plan describes the processes you go through on a day to day business to ensure that your business continues to operate successfully.  An important aspect of this is the Disaster Recovery plan you have for your IT systems should your normal systems fail to operate.

Our Disaster Recovery Service includes three main components:
• Assured Backup ensures that all of your data is available off site.  We use the latest technology to allow you to restore information as soon as possible
• Assured Server Recovery continuously replicates data to a remote site so that you can be back working as soon as possible
• Assured DR Suites give you fully functional secure offices that you can move into within hours to you can continue to work

It doesn’t matter what size business you are, a disaster can affect us all whether it’s a naturally occurring incident such as extreme weather conditions, accidental damage such as burst pipes or man-made threats.

The level of protection you want to employ depends on the nature of your business and how much you can invest to protect against disasters.  Alternative Solutions created the Assured Disaster Recovery suite to allow you to choose the elements that are most suited to your needs.

Assured Backup
The first level of protection is making sure that your data is backed up and safe.  Traditionally this has involved nightly backups to tape which should then be held in a secure location off site.

Alternative Solutions have introduced a new tapeless backup system where your data is automatically backed up to our location and held in a secure environment.  There is no longer the need to swap and manage tapes and physically move them off site.

The service includes innovative new features such as deduplication.  Not only does this reduce the storage required for backup, it also dramatically decreases the time required for backup.

Another technology that improves back time and storage requirements is block level infinite incremental backup.  Only the blocks of data that have changed since the last back up are backed up

Key benefits if Assured Backup
• Automatic back up data
• No requirement for loading and securing tapes
• Protection for virtual servers
• Lightning fast restore
• High frequency backups

Assured Server Recovery
Assured Server Recovery is an affordable, fully managed service that has been designed for small and medium sized businesses based in Guernsey and Jersey.  Assured Server Recovery combines full server data protection and on demand recovery for your business critical systems

Assured Server Recovery provides full-server protection so that important company information is continuously replicated to a remote site, this guarantees zero data loss should a recovery be necessary.  Furthermore, systems can be recovered and in full working order in a matter of hours.

Recovering your server from backup using traditional recovery solutions can be a cumbersome and stressful process. Complex restoration software and the inability of solutions like tape backup to protect data in real-time don’t improve the situation. Assured Server Recovery provides a better alternative, real-time data protection with a streamlined recovery process that reduces the time and effort involved with server recovery. Assured Server Recovery protects the entire server, including system state data, so there’s no need to provision a new server or reinstall applications.

Key benefits of Assured Server Recovery
• Real-time replication prevents loss of information
• Recovery is more reliable, less complex and takes less time than traditional tape backup
• Hardware independent
• Software Independent
• Cost effective
• Piece of mind

Assured DR Suites
You have protected your data.  You have servers ready to go.  If your office accommodation has been effected by the emergency, where will you staff work to keep the business going?  Some may be able to work from home but others will probably still need to work in a traditional office environment with all services provided.

Alternative Solutions provide a number of DR Suites.  These are fully equipped offices that are maintained in a permanent state of readiness.  Each suite is air conditioned and ready with PCs, printers and all equipment necessary.

Secure 24 hour access is provided with a modern card key system so that your staff can access their disaster recovery suite at all times.  Zone control on the system means they can only access permitted areas of the facility and other users cannot access your area.

Key benefits of Assured DR Suites
• Ergonomic workstations with HP desktop computers
• High speed communications
• Phone system
• Network printer
• Secure 24 hour access

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