Document and Content Management

Reasons for Document & Content Management
The traditional reasons for implementing DM are still valid.  Reducing paper storage, document versions, document security and being able to find what you are looking for (a “find engine” rather than “search engine”).

The latest issues with cyber security and information security have created many new reasons for implementing a comprehensive DM system.

Information Security Management System (ISMS)
Any organisation considering implementing an ISMS (e.g. IASME or ISO27001) will understand there are multiple reasons for being able to secure documents.  A fundamental principal in ISMS is that users should only be able to see information that they need to see.  If documents are stored in a filing cabinet or normal file system, it is just about impossible to protect them.  DM has document level security built in.

Data Leakage
The Panama Papers highlighted the danger of data leakage and the dangers of malicious copying of data.  Users may have extensive access to documents as a requirement of their job but they could be compromised and coerced to copy documents.  DM can be set up to detect abnormal usage of documents and automatically block accounts.

Personal Data requests
An organisation served with a personal data request, depending on the legislation in their jurisdiction, is obliged to provide details of all the information held on an individual.  Searching through paper files, electronic folders and email systems could take hours or days to ensure everything is discovered.  Full text searching in DM allows the task to be completed in minutes.

GDPR regulations will certainly touch the vast majority of businesses, whether as data processors or data controllers.  Whilst DM will not provide a solution to the requirements it does provide many of the tools to make you compliant.

Information Security Management System